Daego is creating a trend through combining old and new. As a leading global provider, we always make a constant effort to improve ourselves for the innovative changes by steady investment in R&D. As a result of our persistent efforts, we have gained our own unrivaled technologies and took a great leap forward to the cleaning products industry. Through long experience & inventive skills, we retain customer satisfaction responsibility with high-quality products.


  • Patent 40

  • Trademark right 28

  • Design/Certification 6/7

  • 01


    Diversified analysis through testing by professional experiment to verify performance of the products.

    To ensure our products perform effectively, we do performance test by taking approach based on scientific evidence. Not only testing how well products function but also how long and how well it will function under various conditions. To support client’s marketing, we provide professional analysis to compare with other products. Also suggesting points to improve to keep up with the constantly evolving cleaning product industry.
  • 02


    Assist our customers get into fast-changing
    marketplace with the innovative products timely.

    Having identified the concept from consumer, developing the product to deliver the insight through product performance through research and scientific test procedure. By following steps, we create a new or different product that offers benefits to the end user:

    - Idea generation
    - Idea screening
    - Concept development
    - Business analysis
    - Product trial and testing
    - Technical implementation
    - Product launch
  • 03


    Adequate resources and facilities to ensure quality of product to be complied with specification Implementation of the certified system, ISO 9001

    Organization of work on quality in accordance with international requirements of ISO standards Taking formal audit by 3rd party to ensure the reliability of manufacturing processes and consistent quality of products Carrying out personnel training, support of production with highly professional staff Validation and certification processes