The way to sustainable society

eco plus is a eco friendly brand of DAEGO,
seeking sustainability for next generations along with high quality.

Why plastic issued?

Fishing net inside the whale’s stomach, straw caught in turtle’s nose.
Not just a bad feeling, the plastic waste is making our planet sick badly.
The problem is it’s the most widely used material in our lives, and nothing can replace it completely.
What shall we do to protect the next generations from the possible great disaster?
Letting our scientists work on the new materials, there is a simple behavior to do. Use the recycled plastics!

eco Recycle Plus Microfiber – Pure Recycling

From the used PET bottles and film, the materials processed to quality fibers to Eco Recycle Plus

Recycling process

  • Best quality

    Using high-purity Post-consumer flake chip, high quality fibers come out From properties as general virgin fibers Recycled fibers > Knitting> Dyeing > Cutting/Stitching under GRS system cerfified

  • High Functionality plastic bottle waste >
    High end products > Upcycling

  • eco-society

    Less plastic production by
    recycling > Zero waste

Recycle Certification
eco Recycle Plus is certified by Global Recycled Standard
The whole supply chain is traceable to verify GRS labeled onto the finished goods

The worldwide textile production reaches 53millon ton annually,
and 20millon ton of synthetic textiles is thrown in garbage.
It requires 500 years to decompose. When burning out,
carcinogen comes out. It brings up biodegradable products.

  • Biodegradablet

    It goes back to nature by biodegradation in open environment

  • High Functionality

    Production without environmental concern > being sustainable

  • eco-society

    No toxic polymer is left over, verified by ISO 18763

eco Biodegradable Plus

Biodegradable Plus is a newly developed product composed of
biodegradable polyester and quality microfiber

Lyocell is a nature textile coming from woods. What is different from viscose?
Lyocell doesn’t require any toxic chemical unlike viscose does. It comes out through closed-circular process.
The solvent used in process is collected by 99% over to be recycled.
And Lyocell is composed in landfill condition. How sustainable!

  • Sustainability

    Lyocell is made from wood pulp which is nature itself
    It is composed in landfill environment

  • High Functionality

    Blended of excellent-cleaning microfiber and high-absorbent Lyocell

  • Hypoallergenic

    With natural textile Lyocell blended, it’s absolutely comfortable feeling to skin

eco MicroLyocell Plus

MicroLyocell Plus is a newly developed product composed of
Lyocell and quality microfiber

It’s been widely reported that ocean ecosystem is struggling with microplastic.
According to IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature and natural Resources),
8 million tons of waste plastic flow into the ocean yearly and 35%
of them is from textile laundry. eco Marine Mate Plus is developed to prevent the laundry
residue from coming out and running into the ocean.

  • High Functionality

    Ultra dense to filter out fine residue from laundry
    Usable at high temperature at 90℃

  • Easy & Economic

    Easy use same as general laundry net
    Economical by less damaging on laundryle

  • eco-society

    70% less microplastic from textile washing

eco MicroLyocell Plus

eco Marine Mate Plush reduces plastic residue from laundry by 70%
No impact on washing performance Less damage on laundry textile Usable at 90℃ by 150 cycles