Dreaming of infinite possibility with Daego

Daego has been focusing on the development of microfiber cleaning products since 1980. With constant research and investment, Daego ensures top quality and competitiveness for its customers all over the world.

Daego exists for cleaner, healthier living. We believe that all the people deserve cleaner, safer life and that belief has led us to what we are now, the global leading supplier in microfiber cleaning products.
With desire to make top quality cleaning supplies, we spare no investments and efforts on R&D. Being recognized as a premium quality manufacturer, our products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide and receiving favorable reviews from customers.
Partnership is another value we care the most. We consider customers’ success as ours and are responsible for our product and service at all times. Based on the competitive price, we provide customized solutions for each customer. We work to grow our customers’ business and in turn, they grow us.

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- Two-Faced Millentex

Two color faced cloth invites you for enjoyable cleaning

Use dark side first to sweep dirt and remove deep stain

- Rollster

Edgeless semi-disposable microfiber cloth with ultrasonic cut

Economical cost but abundant cleaning performance rather than non-woven disposable cloth

- DustMopster

Effectively eliminate dust in hard-to-reach places.

Easily adjust the head up to 270º with a button


Blocking layer to prevent contamination moving outside.

Absorbent layer to make a great cleaning performance.

- DuCle

Sticky disposable dry dust catcher

Commercial/Industrial for cleaning/maintaining building hygiene


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